Online Counseling

Is online counseling for me?

There’s good reason why online therapy is currently all the rage. Not only have research studies shown it to be just as effective as traditional in-the-same-room type therapy, it has additional benefits such as:

  • Extra Anonymity  – You can stay in your home or office and not worry about seeing anyone on your way to and from therapy. Particularly useful for individuals who deal with social anxiety.
  • Saves time and commute costs – As time is money, this method allows you to save on the costs associated with getting to therapy and back.
  • Convenient and flexible appointment times – Counseling can take place at a mutually agreeable time with you and the therapist, this is particularly important for couples who don’t want to leave their kids at home or hire a babysitter to meet in person with a counselor.
  • Can still meet even if you have to go out of town  – Allows clients to carry on with their job or family demands with out compromising their needs for therapy. It also affords you to schedule an appointment while you are on vacation or extended time away from home.

How Online Therapy works

  • Choose your appointment time You could either call or emailing me desired time.
  • Download Zoom for your computer or app on your phone You will receive an email with a link, inviting you to join me at your agreed upon time online through Zoom. I chose Zoom because it is one of the current leaders in innovative video conferencing that meets HIPAA guidelines, offering the most stringent of recommended security protocol for confidentiality.

Some Consideration

Online counseling in the US is still a relatively new concept in terms of licensing and regulation as each state has it’s own rules. In Florida, under my Metal health Counseling license, I am allowed to provide therapy to anyone living in Florida or internationally.

In my capacity as a coach, I can see anyone in the US or around the world. Coaching is not yet regulated by any agency and thus allows for more freedom of practice. I would like to stress that although there might be some similarity between the two fields, they are not the same. Depending on the individual client’s needs, we can determine the best fit.

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